PrattFit Classes

Meet the Instructors    |   Fall 2016 PrattFit Class Schedule

PrattFit group fitness classes are free to students, faculty, staff, and members. To participate in the PrattFit classes, simply show up 10 minutes before the class starts and sign in with the group fitness monitor at the Dance Studio door. Some of our classes fill up, so being in the studio helps ensure you get a spot in the class.

Group fitness classes are a great way to meet people and destress after a long day. We are committed to continuously refining and expanding our group fitness program to best fit the needs and expectations of all within the Pratt community.

Pratt Rec group fitness instructors are all highly qualified fitness professionals, each credibly trained and certified through a nationally recognized certification. PrattFit instructors strive to apply their knowledge and skill toward increasing the quality of program offerings and toward providing effective, safe and enjoyable experiences for all participants. Our instructors not only work to maintain and increase their own skills and improve their teaching styles, but also commit to the enhancement of the PrattFit Program as a whole. They create instructing environments that make all participants feel welcome and supported.

There are no PrattFit classes during the summer. Classes resume in September. Members can pick up their own schedule at the ARC.

PrattFit Class Descriptions

Cardio Classes

Cardio Kickboxing
Learn kickboxing moves that burn fat and build muscle. This total body tune-up infuses aerobics with martial arts and basic boxing moves. A great workout for toning the upper body, and shaping your legs and glutes.

Zumba A fusion of hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away. Zumba is a combination of dance and traditional “aerobics” movements. No experience is necessary to join in.

Strength Classes

Abs Attack & Core Conditioning A full hour dedicated to sculpt your mid section. This class targets abs, obliques, lower back, and hip flexors.

Arms, Butt, and Core This class focuses on  the “problem” areas many exercisers are looking to fix. Sculpt, lift, and define your ABCs!

Total Body A full body resistance strength training class focusing on high repetitions and lower weight. Join in to increase calorie burn and muscle sculpting. Each class begins with a dynamic warm up. 

Mind/body classes

Power Yoga Includes all of the elements of a basic yoga class, plus more work with arm balances/introduction to inversions, backbends, sequencing, and increased pace. Yoga experience is strongly recommended but not required.

Meditation and Creative Visualization Meditation and visualization techniques build calm and tranquility, at the same time that they build self-confidence and clarity. Join us to envision who you are and where you want your creativity to lead you through guided meditation—a helpful tool for clarifying goals, deepening your creative process, and creating a tranquil frame of mind.

Core FLOW Yoga Gain power and stability by focusing on core strength, combined with all-over toning and flexibility in this intermediate yoga flow class. Be ready to sweat, breathe deep, and stretch it all out.

Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation This breath-centered, therapeutic yoga class adapts to individual needs, including chronic and acute vconditions. It’s great for beginners, those with physical ailments or poor flexibility, or participants looking for a less strenuous workout. At the end of each class participants can enjoy a few minutes of silence or meditation.

Yoga for Life Tune in, engage in flowing vinyasa to find rhythm and connect the Self, giving way to slowing down and closing with a restorative pose or meditation.