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Cannoneer Recruiting

Cannoneer Recruiting

Why Pratt?
Pratt's commitment to success in intercollegiate athletics mirrors its reputation as one the premier art and design institutions in the country. 

The Recruiting Process
If you are interested in competing for one of Pratt's 14 varsity programs, your step should be to fill out the designated sport-specific recruiting questionnaire. Once submitted, your information will then be forwarded to that sport's respective head coach.  

The Questionnaire
Please click on one of the below links to begin your questionnaire. If you are interested in more than one sport, you must fill out separate forms. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Pratt Cannoneer. 

Men's Basketball

Women's Basketball

Cross Country 


Track & Field

Men's Volleyball

Women's Volleyball

Men's Soccer

Women's Soccer

Men's Tennis

Women's Tennis