Cannoneers Club

Cannoneers Club

Pratt Athletics looks to the financial support of alumni, parents, family, friends, and fans like you for continued success in our programs.  Your gifts help our programs remain competitive in recruiting and providing quality experiences for today's student-athletes at Pratt Institute.  The following are some of the general items that donations support:

-       Facility enhancements
-       Competitive technology: specialized software, video and editing equipment
-       Team travel
-       Team athletic gear
-       Events for alumni and friends
-       Player and parent functions

By supporting Pratt Athletics and becoming a member of the Cannoneer Club, you are supporting our commitment to education through athletics and are playing a criticial role in the department’s ability to build upon our pursuit of athletic excellence.

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NCAA Role of Boosters

*Please write "Athletics Department" in the additional information comment section*

For any questions that you may have please contact Walter Rickard, Director of Athletics and Recreation, 718-636-3771


Thank You To Those Who Contributed During The 2017-18 Season

Amy MacDonald

Kres, LLC

Michael Shields

Keith R. Erickson

Thomas F. Clyne

Amy Calos

Carl Lutz

Studiohue, LLC

Fred Moore 

Marko Mikelic